Free experimental projects​​​​​​​
These projects are free works of mine. They are intuitive and free expressions with which I was able to express my creativity and my connection to nature and organic shapes as well as hyper futuristic and non-objective aesthetics.
SYMBIOTIC - The project deals with the coexistence of beings of different kinds for mutual benefit.
BRAIN - Those works are a collaboration with the 3D and sound artist Julio Clavijo. It is an abstract representation of a human brain made of organic elements and flowers. 
Originally, these 3D artworks are unused variations for the booklet of the Chinese pop singer Jace Chan, which is included in the album "processing".
ALIENATION - this series is a free  experimental fun project of mine in which i visualized some of my abstract and surreal shape illustrations in 3D with VR sculpting. 
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