Birth of Venus
The project “Birth of Venus“ is a collaboration between fashion designer Arabella Romen, photographer Rianon Vran and me. Its a vizualisation of Arabella fashion collection “Genisis 0“ and it deals with stigmatas of society and the oppression and liberation of the sexes.
Creative Direction and Design by Arabella Romen. Photography and Postproduction by Rianon Vran and me. Videography and Video Direction by Toto Stoffels. Model is Kat Grube signed at Vivamodels.

Creative Direction and Design @arabellaromen
Photography and Postproduction @rianonvran
Videography and Video Direction @miss_toto_rodgers
Sound Design @antoonfilatov
Styling Assistant / Hair and Make-Up:
Model is @katjagru_ via @vivamodelsberlin
3D Design by @hany_b___ 
Red Flower Textile Print Collaboration:  @11v151131_m06
Sculptural Artwork Base @arabellaromen @11v151131_m06 and @stefanie_grau
Jewellery  @lacuna__paris
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