LTR0X is a representation of dominance, seamlessly blending elements of attraction and authority. Closely interwoven with the narrative of the alienated, controlled body shape, it invites us to question established perceptions and engage with the multi-layered facets of human desire. As a gateway to reflection on the complex relationship between dominance and submission, it offers a nuanced exploration of the paradoxes of human nature and the profound nuances of our desire.
The blend of attraction and authority serves as a visual and conceptual exploration of the seductive dynamics inherent in both liberation and desire.

This sculpture's creation journey spanned artificial intelligence, digital sculpting, and physical molding— a continuous cycle from human creativity to AI, then to the digital realm, culminating in a 3D-printed physical form for exhibition. Starting with idea collection and concept development, AI shaped the sculpture's basic form, followed by digital modeling. The tangible realization occurred through 3D printing, and an AI video was created to encapsulate the process.

Art, Exhibition 
Physical sculpture (Resin 3D-Print)
Year: 2023
Private sells 
Digital visualising within Cinema 4d
3D printing with resin, sanding and sealing the surface with varnish.
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